Distance Learning 2.0 - Teresa, Jeff
Yearly Goal: Stakeholders at all campuses will have opportunities to use a variety of distance learning tools and resources to explore and learn from experts and collaborators both locally and world-wide.
November: Meet with all distance learning facilitators this month to share district goals and plans for the year.

Digital Media/Digital Video - Cheryl, Karen

Year Goal: Create and interact with digital media in an effort to engage all stakeholders in meaningful learning opportunities to develop 21st century scholars.

November: Schedule a training opportunity at any campus that has not received training in creating and publishing media this school year.

Audio / Video Podcasting: Dwight, Jon
Year Goal:
  • Goal I:To enhance the engagement of students by giving them an authentic audience.
  • Goal II: To increase knowledge about the schools to stakeholders outside the school. (Example: parents and guardians)
  • Start a Podcast at a campus that does not have one.

Web 2.0/Student Email: Randy, Jeff W
Year Goal:
  • Facilitate teacher-student communication and better utilize Internet technologies by providing student email for every district student.
  • Use Web 2.0 tools, including blogs, wikis, podcasts, shared bookmarks, etc. to improve student engagement and achievement and foster 21st century skills.
  • Roll out student email to pilot classrooms at elementary and secondary campuses

BISD E-Learning/Online Learning/Blackboard: Denise, Kathy
Year Goal: To have all stakeholders informed, trained, and utilizing efficiently.
November: Have the online registration ready, the website totally finished, all courses and teachers ready to go for the spring.

ITS Marketing: Kelli, Scott
Year Goal: Create an increased awareness, educate all stakeholders, and showcase best BISD practices of technology/digital/web 2.0 tools for profound learning.
  • Create bi-monthley Instructional Technology email blast to highlight engaging work, educate stakeholders, what trainings are available to support best practices.
  • Present instructional technology successes and "what's next" to Dr. Waddell and BISD Leadership Team.
  • Offer technology professional learning sessions each week in the month of November