• Watauga Middle School students in Heather Blum's 7th grade GT language arts classes have begun a class wiki, They are currently reading and discussing Rick Riordan's works, and will be using the wiki to facilitate discussions, share resources, and collect information on mythology. (added by Randy Rodgers)

  • North Richland Middle School students in Lee Wagstaff's 8th grade GT science class have begun a class wiki, . They have begun a project where they are collecting and reflecting on data about the habitat of the Blanchard Cricket frog. (added by Jon Norris)

  • North Richland Middle School students and guest readers perform book talks to (trailers for books) to encourage students to read books on district book list. These are also displayed in a mediacast.
  • North Oaks Middle School students use a wiki to organize and showcase wepages they have created for to culminate a Personal History Project.

  • North Richland Middle School 6th graders use wiki to publish movie projects. Erie Theories