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Kindergarten, Lang. Arts, Shawn Serviente, Smithfield El: **Green Song Podcast**

Reflections on Obama's Inagural Speech
  • 5th grade, Watauga Elementary, Kimberly Holbrook teacher (added by CMcKnight)
  • After viewing the inaguration ceremonies and speeches, students wrote their reflections regarding specific topics such as the economy, eduction, communities, and families, and then recorded using the Small Wonders.

If I Were President
  • Third grade
  • Mrs. Morrison Binion (added by D. Goodwin)
  • Teacher took still pictures of students and imported into Photostory. Students then were recorded finishing the following statement "I were President I would..."

Dear Santa, (added by cmcknight)

Spelling List with a twist
  • 2nd Grade bilingual (added by D. Goodwin)
  • Teachers records spelling list for students weekly, but there is a twist

Addition Stories
  • 1st Grade
  • Barbara Caroline Davis, Mullendore (added by cmcknight)
  • Students used a Kid Pix template and stamp tools to create addition stories. Kid Pix projects were saved as .jpeg image files and then imported into Photo Story. Each student narrated their addtion sentence.

Geometry Projects
  • Kerri Sands, Holiday Heights (added by tlawson)
  • 5th Grade
  • Students used digital cameras and webcams to take picutres of geometric shapes throughout the school building including themselves using symmetry. The students made Photostories of their pictures narrating their projects.

Science Projects
  • 4th Grade
  • Mrs. Mary Thedford, Watauga Elementary (added by cmcknight)
  • Students were recorded using the Small Wonders cameras.

Fall Stories
  • 1st Grade
  • Barbara Caroline Davis, Mullendore (added by cmcknight)
  • Students wrote and illustrated stories in Kid Pix. Kid Pix projects were saved as .jpeg images and imported into Photo Story.

The Pledge of Allegiance
  • 2nd Grade
  • Mrs. Gray, Mullendore (added by cmcknight)
  • Students used images and text to define phrases in the Pledge of Allegiance. Project was completed using Photo Story.

Hurricane Ike: Coming Soon to a Shoreline Near You!
  • 4th Grade, Science
  • Kelli Maikell, Snow Heights (added by cmcknight)
  • The day before Hurricane Ike hit South Texas, student researched online and used textbook materials to find information and images of hurricanes and the damage they can cause. Students used the information to create a Photo Story project to share their learning.

  • 5th Grade, Social Studies
  • Karri Sands, Holiday Heights (added by tlawson)
Students researched the regions using, online and textbook materials to find information and images of the regions of the United States.Students used Photo Story project to share their learning.

Shape Hunt Fire Safety

  • Kindergarten, Math and Social Studies
  • Sherry Hays, Holiday Heights (added by tlawson)
  • Mrs. Hay's kindergartners share their knowledge of shapes around the school through the use of photostory. Mrs. Hay took pictures and the students recorded thier learning of the shapes.
  • Mrs. Hay's Kindergartners sing and show others the importance of fire safety. Their acts were recorded with the small wonders and Mrs. Hay's edited it through Movie Maker.

Fitness Gram Video
  • PE, Tammy Simms
  • Students created a video showing the proper techniques of exercises.

Building Pulleys
  • 3rd Grade, Science
  • Allison Ross, Holiday Heights (added by tlawson)
  • Students created a video using the small wonders showing the use of simple machines.

Ms. Perrin's Music Podcasts

  • Music
  • Ms. Perrin, North Ridge EL
  • Students are podcasting what they learn... (JS)

**Mrs. Jackson - Small Wonder Video of 'Read to Self'**-
  • 5th Grade, North Ridge Elementary
  • Mrs. Jackson posted video of her students doing one of the Daily 5 strategies
  • scroll down on the page once there...(added by JS)

A Day in the Garden
  • 4th Grade, Watauga Elementary
  • Mrs. Thedford's Class
  • Students share an original script composed after spending time in the Outdoor Learning Environment. (added by cmcknight)

Daily Five Instruction
This video accessible through the following link on Toy Costen's Webpage at

  • 2nd Grade at HHE created along with thier students the elements of the Daily Five Reading Classroom

Students at Watauga Elementary practiced math skills by teaching lessons to their classmates. (added by cmcknight)
This video accessible only through the BISD network in the Instruction folder, Student Video Projects, Math.

Mr. Halbach's 4th grade students shared their OLE experiences with a twisted Halloween theme. (added by cmcknight)
These videos accessible only through the BISD network in the Instruction folder, Student Video Projects, Watauga Garden.

What Gators Dream to Be Someday ( added by T. Lawson)
  • Mrs. Huggin's Kindergators Dream Big
  • Oral Reading of their Dream Big Stories

Middle School
Loyalist or Torrie
  • 8th Grade Social Studies
  • Miki Siek's students create one minute commercials to persuade you to their position.
  • Tools used MovieMaker, Audacity, the iPod and iTalk, and Google.

The Odyssey
  • 7th Grade GT ELA
  • Heather Blum, Watauge Middle School
  • Ms. Blum's students performed a student directed, abridged version of The Odyssey. Ms. Blum filmed the students using a Small Wonder videocamera, created the presentation in MovieMaker and then posted the videos on her teacher webpage.Commecial

High School

Principal Jason Well of Birdville High School has placed video announcements on the school website. **Birdville High Video Announcements** (submitted by K. Sales)

Birdville High School "Twitters": Go to BHS's Twitter Link to follow the latest news for Birdville High School. (submitted by K. Sales)

Happy Earth Day to all! Here is the latest and greatest Green Teens video from the Green Teens at Birdville High School on Green Living. **BHS GreenTeens** (submitted by K. Sales)

When Anthony Hays' Anatomy and Physiology classes at Birdville High School were studying the muscular system, the students were assigned to create a video consisting of five exercises to strengthen the legs, arms, back and trunk. They were graded on the accuracy of the information and for creativity. (submitted by K. Sales)

Student Video 1

Student Video 2

Student Video 3

Student Video 4

Student Video 5

Literary Doodles/Birdville High School:

While reading The Yellow Wallpaper short story online, Gwen Martin's Birdville High School students used laptops to create literary doodles using this online source:
After reading the story and completing their doodles, the students wrote summaries of the story, explanations of what their doodles meant, and why their doodles were significant to the meaning of the story. See the results here:
literary_doodles.pdf (submitted by K. Sales)

Renowned Pastry Chef Bronwyn Webber talks with Monique Coleman's Culinary Arts students at Birdville High School.
See her here.

Autism Training Video Series, Patsy Stanley, Special Education Make Your Day: Campus Classroom Management System, Mick Sandoval, Principal Birdville Assessments, Dr. Ellen V. Bell, Director of Curriculum and Happy Birthday Snow Heights, CarlaBeth Horton, Principal Snow Heights MythBusters, Jennifer Salyards & Melissa Minix, for Classroom Management Staff Development (added by cmcknight)link coming soon...