Birdville-e-Learning is the district online program. It began in the spring of 08 and continued with great success through summer 08 and the fall of 08, and now with registration for spring available.

We currently have 12 courses with students enrolled.

Birdville-e-Learning has two types of courses offered. One is 'Campus Based Online Instruction'. These courses are for credit recovery. The courses are Algebra 1A and 1B, World Geography A and B, English 1A and 1B.

The second is 'Off Campus Online Instruction'. These courses are for acceleration. The courses are Health, Foundations of Personal Fitness (PE), BCIS 1A, BCIS 1B, Government, and Economics.

We have added English 4A and 4B, as well as developing Speech Communication.

Registration is now open for the spring. Registration can be accessed from the website.

Courses are available for in-district or out-of-district students.

The Birdville-e-Learning website: