BISD Podcasting
Newland's Mathstronauts ( added by T. Lawson)

Diane Vick's English Podcast (added by K. Sales)

Suzanne Foxworth's Science Class Podcast (added by K Teeters)

WT Francisco Podcasts (added by K Teeters) (added by J. Norris)
  • North Richland Middle School students and guest readers perform book talks to (trailers for books) to encourage students to read books on district book list.
  • These are also displayed in a mediacast.
  • Mrs. Fielder's Readers Theater
  • First Grade Porter Elementary
  • Mrs. Fielder's students read excerpts of books

Ms. Anstey's Sign language Podcast (added by D. Goodwin)
  • All Levels Deaf Ed Porter Elementry
  • Mrs. Anstey and students model new signs of the week

Porter Elementary Spelling Podcast (added by D. Goodwin)
  • Third Grade Porter Elementary
  • Students and teachers post spelling words to practice at home

Mr. Winans' Classroom Podcast (added by D. Goodwin)
  • Fifth Grade Binion Elementary
  • Students podcast daily assignments, today in history, weather report and more.

Ms. Sheir's Classroom Podcast (added by D. Goodwin)
  • All levels Elementary at ACFT
  • Student perform and critique performances

Ms. Bustillos' Classroom Podcast (added by D. Goodwin)
  • Fourth Grade at ACFT Elementary
  • Students perform readers theater for a world wide audiance.

Mrs. Shimmel's Classroom Podcast (added by D. Goodwin)
  • Fifth Grade at Porter Elementary
  • Students and Teacher record daily homework

Ms. Sandoval's Podcast (added by J. Samuelson)
  • Second Grade at North Ridge Elementary
  • Students record their poems and present their instrument projects.

Mrs. Schimmel's Homework Podcast
  • Homework assignments are posted daily for students